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Song Premiere: Merriment, “Backwards”

When it comes to the music business, there are lots of examples of children successfully following in their parents’ footsteps — think Jakob Dylan, Rufus Wainwright — but rarely do you hear about younger siblings getting in on the act — think Aaron Carter, Ashlee Simpson. Not quite the same thing, is it?
Merriment are rewriting all the rules.  That’s the duo of Christie DuPree and Collin DuPree, the younger brother and sister of the key players in indie-pop family band Eisley. And with “Backwards,” a harmony-rich, surging acoustic folk song, they’ve written one of our favorite songs this year.
They’re proud of it too. “This song is one of my favorites on our upcoming record, because it was one that I started writing and it all came together in one night,” says Christie DuPree. “I had the rough idea for it going in, and I shared it with a friend of mine, who just for fun tracked one simple electric guitar part on the chorus, and his guitar part just struck a chord in me and the whole rest of the song came together in an instant! Including the main chorus melody and lyrics.
“I’ll admit the lyrics didn’t relate to anything I was currently going through at the time, but sometimes when I’m writing a song I just let the melody speak for itself, and end up singing whatever lyrics fit into how I want the melody to sound when I’m singing it. And then the story just sort of unfolds by itself. I’ll go back and adjust certain things in the lyrics to fit the story better. But this song is basically about loving someone so much even when it makes no sense because they might not love you back, and how eventually that heartache turns into something that makes you stronger, and every day it hurts a little less, until you find yourself realizing your heart isn’t broken at all anymore, and you are a much stronger person than you were before.” -[SOURCE]

Oh, hey!

Currents is out and we totally forgot to mention it! GO BUY IT! Also, Rising Fawn, Chauntelle's solo EP is out now. Get that too! Everything is on iTunes, Amazon and MerchowNow.


Eisley: Touring Their New Record!



Pre-Order Currents Now!

Ships around 5-21-13


An Actual Site Update!

Long time, no update (sorry about that)! Here is an MP3 and video of Sucré's newest cover song:


Sucré Media Uploads

All the files marked as "New" were just added today!


Site News

Hey Eisley fans! Just wanted to let you know that since there isn't much going on with Eisley right now (Aside from babies and recording LP4) there isn't much for us to do on SYP right now. So, unless something exciting is happening the site will probably go for a while with no updates. Thanks! smiley

We do use Tumblr quite often though. If you have a Tumblr then you can follow us!


ANOTHER Eisley Baby!

Sherri and Max are having a baby! That's four Eisley babies now. smiley


MORE Eisley Babies!

Chauntelle AND Jessie (Weston's wife) are having babies along with Stacy! CONGRATS!


Special Announcement!

From Stacy and Darren:

Hello Everyone!

Today Darren and I have some pretty HUGE and exciting news to share with you all!


Yes, it's true. I am 3 months pregnant and sporting a tiny baby bump! We are beyond excited and it has been torturous to keep this a secret!!

We wanted to wait until after the Sucre tour to spill the beans with the rest of the world.

I want to Thank Everyone who came out to the shows. It was double-y special to tour and sing these songs knowing all the while that I was pregnant.

Yes, the sun seems to be shining very brightly these days. Me and Darren feel extremely blessed and excited to start this new chapter in our lives and in our marriage. I have never felt so inspired to write and record new music and Darren can't wait to buy a little mini drum set. Our lives will forever be centered around love, family, and making music.

We are so very thrilled to share this happy news with you!

Much Love,

Darren, Stacy and future Baby King!


Be sure to check out the Baby Starren gift Strange Yellow Patterns is putting together for the Kings:


Sucré: Hiding Out Live

MP3 & MP4 downloads:



A Minor Bird on from Sucré's store:

MP3 downloads of A Minor Bird:



You may have seen them on Nylon or Spinner or maybe mentioned by Dianna Agron’s website, You Me & Charlie, calling them “so Charlie”. If not, I’m here to introduce them.
Their name is Sucré – French for “sweet”, which is exactly what their music is. On her blog, Stacy says, “My maiden name is DuPree so I wanted the name of my new project to reflect my ancient origins and my overall affection for everything French!” The band combines the beautiful vocals of Stacy King, her husband Darren King on percussion and the multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Larson.
Stacy grew up in a huge music family. She is in the band Eisley with her siblings. When asked about how young she was when she started in the music industry, she responded: “Young as they come!  I wrote my first song when I was 8 years old and started playing shows with my siblings when I was just 10. We got signed to a major label when I was 14 and then I’ve pretty much just been on and off tour since then. It’s been a crazy, bumpy, but beautiful road.  I feel super thankful to have gotten such an early start and to still be able to be doing what I love. And now with my husband! It’s a total joy.”
Darren plays drums for the band Mute Math. (Jennie Albano actually raved about Darren’s insanely awesome drumming in Mute Math in a ‘Now Hear This’ post.) And Jeremy used his time performing, producing and adding crazy string arrangements to different bands’ records. They are still 100% committed to Eisley and Mute Math, so fans don’t worry! They are headed to the studio to record their next albums. In the future, we may even see Sucré on tour with them.
Their debut record, A Minor Bird, comes out on April 10th. The trio made and produced the record themselves at Jeremy’s studio in Springfield, Missouri. Finding inspiration from each other- they’d go back and forth sending music, melodies and beats.
Combining their talents, they create whimsical, dreamy symphonies with beautiful string arrangements. The songs literally sweep you off your feet and transport you to a meadow where you just want to spin around aimlessly.
When I first heard their single ‘When We Were Young’, I thought of the movie Garden State. Not sure why, but I feel like it could’ve been on the movie soundtrack. With it’s cinematic feel,  it belongs in a movie. The music video is enchanting. Darren directed and edited the video using no special effects- just the mirrors and lighting from Elsie Larson’s store. Elsie also created Stacy’s dress for the video.
“We are so thrilled that the time to share this album is finally here. These songs were birthed out of love and friendship. To me they will always be a reminder of the season of our lives where Darren and I were engaged and got married.  I can’t wait for other people to hear them and hopefully ascribe meanings of their own to them,” says Stacy.
And now for the exclusive for HelloGiggles readers – we get to hear the record a full day before it releases! Check it out below and let me know what you think!

Mid-Summer Tour Eisley w/Merriment

05-05 - Eisley - @ Tilly's Grand Opening - S. Plains Mall. 30 min. acoustic set - Lubbock, TX --- TICKETS

06-28 - Eisley w/ Merriment @ Media Start Entertainment Hall - Shreveport, LA --- TICKETS

06-29 - Eisley w/ Merriment @ Spanish Moon - Baton Rouge, LA --- TICKETS

06-30 - Eisley w/ Merriment @ Stickyz Rock 'N' Roll Chicken Shack - Little Rock, AR --- TICKETS

07-02 - Eisley w/ Merriment @ Outland Ballroom - Springfield, MO --- TICKETS

07-03 - Eisley w/ Merriment @ Record Bar - Kansas City, MO --- TICKETS

07-05 - Eisley @ Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI --- TICKETS

07-06 - Eisley w/ Merriment @ Redstone Room @ River Music - Davenport, IA --- TICKETS

07-07 - Eisley w/ Merriment @ Cornerstone Festival - Marietta, IL --- TICKETS

07-10 - Eisley w/ Merriment @ Schubas Tavern - Chicago, IL --- TICKETS

07-11 - Eisley w/ Merriment @ Radio Radio - Indianapolis, IN --- TICKETS

07-12 - Eisley w/ Merriment @ Off Broadway - St. Louis, MO --- TICKETS

07-13 - Eisley w/ Merriment @ Conservatory - Oklahoma City, OK --- TICKETS

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