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Memories Vol. 5

The Deep Space-EP is a bit of a turning point for Eisley. It was their first release after leaving Warner Brothers Records and also their first release recorded in their own home studio. It turns out the combination of liberating factors along with some personal difficulties they were going through in their family, fueled what could be considered one of the signature releases in their entire catalog. For some fans this could be seen as a very divisive point. Deep Space was also an opportunity for Eisley to pursue an atmospheric consistency throughout the length of the EP. It also has the distinction of being the only EP in the catalog constituted of material exclusive to that release alone, with the exception of one song [ "192" Days was featured in demo for on the Fire Kites-EP].


Plenty Of Paper

Just a head's up that things have been reorganized a little bit.  We're calling our original content Plenty Of Paper.  Consider it our Newsletter of sorts.  There's a link above and if that's too much for you there's one below. All our article sections will be filed underneath that heading.  There are more coming very very soon.  Hope you enjoy!


Just Like We Do Vol. 1

Just Like We Do Vol. 1 - Jeremy Enigk & Sunny Day Real Estate


Jeremy Enigk Under Umbrella

One of the nicest things about being a fan of Eisley is being exposed to their own tastes in music, literature, film, and art.  They have never been shy about sharing their own appreciation as fans. On one hand, for those of us looking for things to explore, it's nice to have suggestions from people whose own talents impress and inspire us. On the other hand, it really validates you when, independent of their influence, someone you think is a great artist is a fan of other artists you also enjoy. There's a solidarity there, an affirmation that though seemingly superficial, can resonate given how deeply we often experience artistic expression.


Memories Vol. 4

When Eisley declared they were making “A Special Kind of Music For You.” over a decade ago, it was hard to argue with that claim.  Their creativity was unbridled and the music they came up with was evolving and full of ideas.  The inspiration at work led to an inspired fanbase.  It led to an international following.  Because of this Memories has the honor of welcoming our first international contributor, hailing from Brazil, Marina.  She also happens to be the creative force behind what  I understand to be the only Brazilian Eisley fansite. Marina’s enthusiasm a talent for expressing herself, even though she is not very fluent in english, comes through whenever she contributes.  Because of these she was given the chance to take on our most ambitious Memories interview to date:


Room Noises: Vol. 2

Volume 2. Eisley at the Smiling Moose, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, April 10th 2014

First, let me say---what a fun show! I was actually pleasantly surprised. This venue isn't my favorite; it's pretty small, more or less an attic, and very stuffy. They played here before, maybe the last headlining tour? They were fine, but it wasn't my favorite experience, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Despite the venue, Eisley was excellent!


Room Noises Volume 1. April 1st, 2014

Room Noises is a series of stories about what it’s like to hear Eisley live, courtesy of our correspondent and contributors.
To throw in a special twist, this author (Wil) not be the one hearing them. Instead, I will play “Producer” and give you a polished studio version of the report from the room (aka concert venue) as experienced by the attendees.

Memories Vol. 3

When it came time to recruit contributors for the Strange Yellow Patterns team, there was a Number 1 draft pick I had in mind.  Most know him by the moniker The Man In The Moon, but for those who have checked out his music, he also goes by Michael Cheng, and a few others.  Michael has been a reliable source of current events and breaking news  for Eisley fans who frequent Laughing City for a couple of years.  He’s a creative, honest and thoughtful person with some interesting perspectives on things.  I was eager to get his reflections on the Marvelous Things EP, which was the introduction to Eisley for a large number of fans, myself (Wil) included.

Memories Vol. 2

You’d be hard pressed to find two words in tandem that mean more to/ evoke more emotion among Eisley fans than Laughing City.  Their reasons for feeling that way are going to vary wildly, and justifiably so.  For some, it’s the music of the Laughing City EP that makes them feel a certain way, for others it has very little to do with music.  For some it’s both.  For a band who derived their name from Star Wars I think it would be appropriate to christen the  Laughing City  EP Eisley’s true episode I. For all those who came across the band near the time of its release, this music truly was a new hope.
Strange Yellow Patterns is very fortunate to have a friend and contributor in our very own Bill Gallentine, who some may know as Mr. Pine.  He like Jamie, will be contributing to on a regular basis as a writer and “media magician” for lack of a better term.  His wicked sense of humor has always kept me on my toes, because it’s coupled with an understated perceptiveness that’s finely tuned.  That perceptiveness extends beyond humor as you’ll soon discover. -Wil

Song Premiere: Merriment, “Backwards”

When it comes to the music business, there are lots of examples of children successfully following in their parents’ footsteps — think Jakob Dylan, Rufus Wainwright — but rarely do you hear about younger siblings getting in on the act — think Aaron Carter, Ashlee Simpson. Not quite the same thing, is it?
Merriment are rewriting all the rules.  That’s the duo of Christie DuPree and Collin DuPree, the younger brother and sister of the key players in indie-pop family band Eisley. And with “Backwards,” a harmony-rich, surging acoustic folk song, they’ve written one of our favorite songs this year.
They’re proud of it too. “This song is one of my favorites on our upcoming record, because it was one that I started writing and it all came together in one night,” says Christie DuPree. “I had the rough idea for it going in, and I shared it with a friend of mine, who just for fun tracked one simple electric guitar part on the chorus, and his guitar part just struck a chord in me and the whole rest of the song came together in an instant! Including the main chorus melody and lyrics.
“I’ll admit the lyrics didn’t relate to anything I was currently going through at the time, but sometimes when I’m writing a song I just let the melody speak for itself, and end up singing whatever lyrics fit into how I want the melody to sound when I’m singing it. And then the story just sort of unfolds by itself. I’ll go back and adjust certain things in the lyrics to fit the story better. But this song is basically about loving someone so much even when it makes no sense because they might not love you back, and how eventually that heartache turns into something that makes you stronger, and every day it hurts a little less, until you find yourself realizing your heart isn’t broken at all anymore, and you are a much stronger person than you were before.” -[SOURCE]

Memories Vol. 1

Welcome to ~Memories~, where Strange Yellow Patterns looks back at the music of Eisley from years gone by. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing, as is context, and Memories is an opportunity to indulge in both.  It's also a wonderful song, in case you'd forgotten.


Our first conversation is with Jamie whom some know as the Antrider.  He has the distinction of being statistically the most active Eisley fan that I know of.  It would be fair for me to credit him for encouraging me to be more active in the Eisley fan community, via a simple request for more activity amongst the fans.  Sometimes the simplest requests are all that are needed to get an outpouring of action.  Such a request, from the second most active Eisley fan that I know of is the reason this column even exists.  All that said, it’s only fitting that our first conversation in Memories be with Jamie, who has captured so many with his stunning photography of Eisley over the years.


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Autumn Happenings

If you haven't heard, Perma are releasing an album. If you're already here I'm gonna assume you're aware of who they are and their relation to Eisley.  Perma will be touring parts of the Midwest and the East Coast this December, and they're bringing Merriment with them.  The format of this acoustic tour is going to be rather unique so click that previous sentence for details.  Also, word got around that the Merriment full-length is complete and a treat to the ears.


No word on a release date yet, but hopefully it will be in the near future.

Rising Fawn is reportedly at work on their full length album as well, so this bodes well for fans of the Eisley extended family.  I wonder if the flurry of recording will translate to new material for their pretty much annual holiday EP?  We'll see soon enough.


Hi! My Name Is:

Hello all,

Be looking out for updates in the near future about Perma's full length and supporting tour with Merriment, who will be releasing their own full length in the near future.  In the meantime Strange Yellow Patterns is recruiting the best and brightest to entertain and occupy Eisley fans the world wide.  Your patronage will be rewarded in due time.  Cheers!

~ Wil - part of the Team


Oh, hey!

Currents is out and we totally forgot to mention it! GO BUY IT! Also, Rising Fawn, Chauntelle's solo EP is out now. Get that too! Everything is on iTunes, Amazon and MerchowNow.


Eisley: Touring Their New Record!


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